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"Did you know that putting aside just $50 dollars a month in an IRA between the ages of 21 - 30 has a greater impact on your finances then if you doubled the amount to $100 and waited to make the same decision between the ages of 31 - 40?"


Young lnvestors, Inc. is an organization for students interested in money, entrepreneurship, and business opportunities.  


03.20.14 : YI is asking teachers to get involved.  

From Mar. 2014 thur Aug. 2014, YI is encouraging  teachers to get involved.

03.20.14 : YI is preparing to open it's newest  chapter in Columbia,SC.     

If you would like to open a chapter, click link below


Juan Chisholm is our latest YI Spotlight for his latest book, Investitude and his recent return to YI.


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